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This is how the new nature smells like, this is how the first step of the brave hearted and brave in spirit ones into the unknown.
Fragrance - an experiment. Fragrance - a game.
Fragrance - a philosophy.

It is the first fragrance in the brand's line with an emphasis on synthetic molecules, being a kind of a ticket to the quantum perfumery reality. Its ink blue color, which disappears from the fabric after spraying if perfectly matching its new molecular composition. Your "ink" artwork will not leave any traces on your attire, but at the same time, it will remain on your skin for many hours due to a well-composed perfume composition. A solid bundle of romance, greatness and science, that does not allow any mistakes in calculations.

The scrupulously tailored fragrance smells like hello from the future or a space: a contemporary one, a light and unlike anything else. These are the subtle sweetness of a watermelon, an ambroxan, a cetalox, a karanal, a norlimbanol, smelling exactly like a packed emptiness, a kashmeran, responsible for urban shades, such as the smell of the damp concrete and an asphalt. Blue Cypress creates an essential ringing freshness, while Z11 molecule, which is absolutely iconic in perfumery, along with titanium make the core note among all this aquatic – cascalone ambiance. Virginia cedar provides a sweety-coniferous flavor and the iris root (it’s a beta ion, actually) is the main one in terms of a powdery and dusty notes.